History, mission and values
Transit Sept-Îles est un organisme venant en aide aux personnes en situation précaire.
Transit Sept-Îles, Transit SI, Organisme à but non lucratif, OSBL OBNL, Sans-abris, sans domicile fix, obtenir de l'aide, hébergement, Sept-Îles, refuge, aide,
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The Maison du Transit was founded in 1980 and operated for 23 years by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Following the closure in 2003, five laypeople from the social services and community groups took over. They are creating a new aid resource: Transit Sept-Îles, which opens on June 1, 2004 thanks to the support of the entire community.

It has been 15 years since the opening on June 1, 2004, and we can confirm that Transit Sept-Îles has truly served as a springboard for a resumption of power over the lives of thousands of people who have adjusted their own stepping stones to the their aspirations. The internal goal of computerizing data capture and statistics has been successfully achieved, and now needs to be adapted. A team that will be renewed in the coming months with retirement for a few and the change of captain in October should be done in the harmony and tranquility that is our trademark.


Our mission is to welcome, host, support, refer and accompany people in emergency situations who have no place to go. Through our presence in the community, we raise awareness of the cause and we try to prevent homelessness by working upstream. The goal of the Transit is to close its doors, for lack of people to host. Everyone should have access to a roof.

Provide a secure, well-equipped living environment close to the services and accommodating 12 people.


Respect, empathy and a humanistic approach guide our actions. We want to influence our team and our residents to adopt a philosophy of life that is full of understanding and empathy. Empowerment is the philosophy of action we use to influence the desire for change and co-construction that we establish with our users.