Transit Sept-Îles est un organisme venant en aide aux personnes en situation précaire.
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Our mission

Welcome, support and temporarily host people in difficulty. Transition House Transit Sept-Îles offers a secure, well-appointed living environment close to services and accommodating up to 12 people simultaneously. Our professional team accompanies the residents on their personal journey. Our stakeholders contribute to crime prevention, prevention of psychological distress, suicide prevention, violence, social exclusion, and more.

Transit Sept-Îles offers a vital service for various types of social emergencies throughout the year and especially in winter. Transit Sept-Îles is here to help with the support of the Rotary House since 2004.

Our actions


The welcome is essential. It is the basis of the link because it is the first impression that the help seeker will have of the organization. We must be empathetic and maintain confidentiality.


By providing a roof, we provide the security and downtime that the person needs. We have 12 beds available and try as much as possible to ensure the comfort of our residents.



Support is paramount in a coconstruction and recovery approach. Our speakers are present and available when you wish to confide.


We consider ourselves a pivotal organization, that is to say that we specialize in the knowledge of the environment and know the partner organizations. Several organizations in the region have expertise that we do not have and they are ready to help you.


Very often, taking the first step can be a source of anxiety. That’s why we offer you to be accompanied in any approach if you feel the need. The speaker who accompanies you does so as support and support. You are the only one responsible for your success, but it encourages you in difficult times.

Offer shelter

Each year, Transit Sept-Îles helps and accompanies more than 1280 people in need, distributes more than 30 000 meals and hosts 2200 nights. We accompany people in need by providing a safe place to live temporarily. We also offer psychological help to residents and accompany them in their approach.

The help and donations of our partners and volunteers are essential to the success of the organization. Thank you!

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Thank to the Rotary Club of Sept-Îles for making La Maison Rotary available to Transit Sept-Îles