Standards of behaviour
Transit Sept-Îles est un organisme venant en aide aux personnes en situation précaire.
Transit Sept-Îles, Transit SI, Organisme à but non lucratif, OSBL OBNL, Sans-abris, sans domicile fix, obtenir de l'aide, hébergement, Sept-Îles, refuge, aide,
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Our standards of behaviour.

The watchword is RESPECT.

You owe it to yourself to respect everyone working or living in Transit. You must also respect the need of everyone, respect confidentiality and the environment. It’s the same for you. If you believe that a resident or staff member has disrespected you, we strongly urge you to mention it to management.


  • It is forbidden to drive in the room of other residents.
  • It is forbidden to borrow or give anything to residents and / or staff members.
  • It is possible to lock money or valuables through the on-site worker.
  • It is forbidden to consume, to have in his possession or to traffic alcohol, medicines, and / or drugs inside the residence, or on his land.
  • Racism, sexism, discrimination, blasphemy, negative remarks towards other residents, volunteers or staff members could lead to the exclusion of transit.
  • Personal discussions with other residents as well as topics such as: religion, sex and politics are to be banned.


  • Make your bed daily and keep your room clean and tidy. We will do a tour to confirm the whole thing.
  • You must do your full weekly cleaning (dusting, sheets, floors) to the day you will be allocated.
  • Rinse and pick up your dishes and placemat after use.
  • Wash the bath room after use. (bath, shower, sink, mirror, door handle …)
  • Assist with housework and meal preparation
  • Forbidden to walk around shirtless and / or underwear in the house.
  • After 9:00 am, all residents must be dressed before going upstairs.
  • If you need anything at the Intervenors Office, knock before entering and do not enter until you have been invited. This applies to all offices.


  • Meals are taken at the same times, refer to the schedule.
  • Any food or drink except water should be consumed at the dining room.
  • No food and drink in the rooms and in the living room.
  • No cup will be tolerated in the basement, only plastic glass.
  • If you are absent for a meal, you must inform the worker 2 hours before the meal.
  • If you work, it is possible to take your meal to work.
  • No food and / or drink can be taken outside of the hours indicated on the schedule.
  • Snacks are not meals. Possibility of taking 1 item to eat and 1 item to drink. Ex: coffee and 1 yogurt, juice and 1 toast, 1 fruit, 1 muffin.
  • You may, with the permission of the workers put in the fridge or pantry of the food you have procured. However, we could take away that privilege if we find that there is exaggeration.
  • No energy drinks will be tolerated in the house, not even in the fridge.


  • Whenever you go out (smoking and / or going out), you must inform the person in office and mention the time of your return.
  • Notify us of any delays.
  • You must respect the curfew hours: 22:00 Sunday to Thursday and 23:00 Friday and Saturday. It is your responsibility to plan how long your trip will take. If you arrive, if only a minute late, the caretaker will not let you in.
  • Unauthorized unclogging is not tolerated and will be subject to review of your service request and may result in Transit exclusion actions.
  • However, it is possible to request a clearing that the team will allow you, or not, after the analysis of your request. We ask you to make your request before 20:00.
  • If you go past curfew on the grounds that you are in the hospital, we will ask you for a ticket that proves your visit to the emergency room.
  • It is forbidden to return into intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, this could result in immediate exclusion.
  • If you have conditions or probation that stipulate that you must remain in Transit Sept-Îles and / or that you must respect reentry hours, we are obliged to declare you if you do not respect your conditions.


  • Depending on the case, we reserve the possibility, to check the coordinates of the exit


  • Only the staff answer the door.
  • Upon arrival, staff will ask you to empty your luggage and pockets for security reasons. If you have any prohibited items, we will lock them for you until you leave.

Ex: perfume, knife, chisel, mouthwash, tools, prescribed or non-prescribed medication, cell phone and any device with a camera.


  • A resident who plans to receive a visit must first notify the intervener and obtain his authorization.
  • Visitors are welcomed in the living room or kitchen. It is forbidden to receive visitors on the floor of the rooms.
  • Professional and other visits can be made between 9am and 5pm.
  • Group visits will be refused.

Parents and children

  • A resident who plans to receive a visit must first notify the intervener and obtain his authorization.
  • Visitors are welcomed in the living room or kitchen. It is forbidden to receive visitors on the floor of the rooms.
  • Professional and other visits can be made between 9am and 5pm.
  • Group visits will be refused.


Only the responders are allowed to answer the phone.

  • A telephone is available in the upstairs cabin and long distance calls are permitted.
  • You can not receive calls directly. However, while respecting the confidentiality and in accordance with your signed consent, we will send you the message.
  • We do not impose time limits during your calls. However, if someone else is waiting to use the phone, please finish your call as soon as possible.
  • Cell phones, DVDs, computers, cameras and other objects with cameras are not allowed in the house. We will have to put them in order and to hand them to you during the outings.


  • Medications are locked when you arrive. If necessary and in compliance with the prescriptions, the person in office places them in exchange for your signature, they must be taken before the speaker.
  • We have the medicines delivered; please do not pick them up yourself.


A washer and dryer are at your disposal. We provide the soap you need. The worker in charge will take care of putting the soap in the washer. The wash period is from 4 pm to 9 pm

  • To use the devices, you must first ask the worker in the station.
  • You must wash and dry at one time; that is, do not leave clothes in the washer or dryer. No out of the field during washing and drying.
  • Wash the area and appliances after use.
  • The laundry door must be locked at all times.
  • Unless you have permission, or it is your weekly cleaning day, no washing is allowed before 16:00 the week. The laundry schedule for the weekend is from 8:00 to 21:00.


On arrival, if necessary, we could give you personal hygiene products. If you need something, let the speaker know.

  • You are responsible for the sheets and towels that we give to you upon your arrival. You must wash them at least once a week.
  • 1 towel and 1 washcloth will be given to you upon your arrival.
  • Shower hours are between 06:00 and 22:00

Other regulations

The staff at the house reserves the right to inquire and check the contents of packages entering and leaving the house for security reasons.

  • In the case of reasonable doubt, staff can search the room, the resident’s luggage and ask him to empty his pockets.
  • In the case of a criminal offense such as theft or trafficking of narcotic drugs and / or any prohibited substances; the police authorities will be summoned.
  • No smoking inside and less than 6 meters from the main entrance
  • We ask not to plug a cell phone on the outside of the building.
  • For bicycles, a support is available behind and it is only here that you must leave yours. We are not responsible for breakage or theft.

Financial contribution

What we ask:

The majority of people who complete a request for accommodation no longer have the money to stay, so we host them for free for the current month. On the 1st of each month following the date of entry, we ask each resident for a financial contribution of $ 500. This amount was decided based on the minimum amount of the last-resort assistance check for single persons, which is $ 719.



Why we ask it:

The requested financial contribution serves as security. If you find a home or if you have to leave for any other reason during the month: we give you back the contribution.